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100 Cubic Feet SS Double Ribbon Blender

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100 Cubic Feet SS Double Ribbon Blender

100 Cubic Feet Double Ribbon Blender: 

- Used Double Ribbon Blender.

- Model IMB-100.

- 100 Cubic feet working capacity.

- Constructed of stainless steel material on all product contact areas.

- All external stiffeners, legs, ribs and supports are constructed of structural steel,

  primed and color coated.

- Inside trough measures 46“ wide, 96“ long x 51“ deep.

- 8“ Center bottom outlet.

- Mill finish exterior and mirror polished finish interior.

- Double ribbon design constructed of stainless steel material.

- 5“ Diameter main shaft arranged for center bottom discharge.

- All contact parts ground and polished to mirror finish.

- Removable agitator shaft. Split, two piece top cover.

- Top of cover firnished with hinged and gasketed hatch openings

  with integral safety grate beneath.

- Proximity switch furnished for customer hook up.

- Pneumatically operated knife gate valve. 8“ Diameter opening.

- Stainless steel on all product contact areas.

- Furnished with discharged valve guard.

- Stainless steel split housings supplied with Teflon rope packing.

- Heavy duty self-aligning outboard pillow block support bearings.

- Driven by a 30HP, 3/60/230-460 volt TEF.



- Clean and ready to ship.

- Loaded on your truck.