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515 HP - SSI PRI - MAX - Multi-Material Reducer

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515 HP - SSI PRI - MAX - Multi-Material Reducer

515 HP - SSI PRI-MAX - Multi-Material Reducer. The SSI Waste Reducer is a portable unit consisting of the following components:

- only 1000 hrs of use.

- Power stack, Cutting table, chassis, Drive system, Shredding unit and integrated transport and conveyor system.

- Power Stack: consists of all components required to drive the main shafts on the cutting table which is done by means of a hydrostatic transmission.

- Cutting Table: consists of a welded steel frame carrying two heavy knife shafts with six knives per shaft.  The shafts operate independently so that they will always be processing as much material as possible.

- Unique PRI-MAX cutting table is the ideal solution for high capacity reliable processing with low operating costs.

- Low speed, hydraulic drive technology.

- Shockload Protection feature safeguards shredder and drive components.

- Advanced programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

- Manufacture production rate @ 30 to 80 tons per hour.