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13' x 60' - trois passes - séchoir rotatif avec bruleur

# inventaire DR-3560
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13' x 60' - trois passes - séchoir rotatif avec bruleur

Ce système est intact et put être inspecté:

(Traduction disponible sur demande)

13' x 60' – Triple Pass MEC Drying systems complete Dryer

40Million BTU McConnell Dust Burner, back up 60 Million fuel burner all Controls, Discharge Cyclone, multi-clones, Fan, Stack, all related ducting and steel structure as well as any plans, manuals and blueprints. Including:


40 Million BTU McConnell Dust Burner:

 - Max thermal output of 42,200,000 Kj/hr

 -These dryers are fired up with natural gas or propane, once they are hot, sawdust or

   Sander dust  is added and gas shut off.

 - Main material discharge Cyclone from Dryer is 3.66m diameter.

 - Secondary multi clones (8/ dryer) are 1.07m Diameter.

 - Stack is 37m above grade.

 - Volumetric airflow rate (at the current configuration) is 30.68 cubic Meters per second.


Also available at extra cost: 

40 Million BTU (2 x 20 Million BTU Cells) hot oil Bark Burner.


BM&M Multi Screener:

-Model 5033P22

-Throughput 16 tph.

-Total usage under 6 months.


Rotex Screener:

-Model H4280-2

-Serial H197075A

-Used about 5 yrs



The system is completely intact and can be viewed. System was always maintained by MEC. System was new in 1989, it ran Saw dust & Wood Chip until 1994. Restarted in 1996 until 2003 were it was service and properly shut down for a re-start. All equipment is inside. Estimated for removal and loading will be in the $50 to $75,000.00 range.